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Joe Johnson

"Should anyone flatter us by asking us what we are searching for, we think immediately, almost instinctively, in vast terms—God, fulfillment, love—but our lives are actually made up of tiny searches for things … Add them together, and these things make up an epic quest."

- Geoff Dyer
Look, I’m a novelist, you know? Don’t ask me to solve the problems of the world, it’s hard enough to express the problems of the world.

During his visit to the 2014 Melbourne Writers Festival, Salman Rushdie reflected on the continuing controversy over his decision, twenty-five years ago, to withdraw his novel The Satanic Verses in the face of fatwa. 

One both empathizes with his private choice and cringes at the sweeping public statement above. Chinua Achebe – a writer who faced tremendous, life-threatening social and political opposition without backing down – put it best when he said that without idealism, “the business of the writer would be meaningless.”

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New York City, c. 1982-86
Frank Horvat

New York City, c. 1982-86

Frank Horvat


Council Crest, 1925. At 1,071 feet Council Crest park in SW Portland has a 360 degree view. On a clear day you can see majestic mountains, vast stretches of land and rivers. Memorial Day in 1907 Council Crest Amusement Park opened. There was a Scenic Railway (roller coaster) and the Columbia River Water Log Ride, which encircled the park. After several seasons of failing revenues and the nation heading into a depression the park closed on Labor Day in 1929. Photo taken by Delano Photographics aerial, ca. 1925, courtesy Ken Hawkins.